SERVPRO of Wheaton / Kensington Employee Photos

man wearing black shirt

Philip Kirlew

General Manager

Philip has been with SERVPRO since 2012 and has gained a high level of experience and knowledge.  Philip is a great leader and example for our team. When Phil is not leading our ship, he loves spending time with his family, or enjoying a bike ride.

  Philip's Certifications from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)

  • Fire & Smoke (FSRT)

  • Drying Technician (ASD)

  • Odor Control (OCT)

man wearing a black shirt

Nicholas Collantes

Training Manager and Estimator

Nicholas "Nick" Collantes joined the SERVPRO family in 2014. Nick graduated from Marymount University with a Business Management degree. Nick enjoys sports all together. He has been a soccer coach for the Annandale Boys and Girls club for 6 years. He enjoys all Washington sports teams like The Wizards, The Caps, The Washington Redskins, and Nats. 

 Nick's Certifications from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)

Lady in front of a green wall

Lauren Schreib

Office Manager

Lauren joined the SERVPRO family in 2017. When she’s not in the office rolling, she’s enjoying the great outdoors. She enjoys unconventional sports like white water kayaking and rock climbing. Lauren loves to draw! She can put together beautiful comic book drawings.

Lauren’s Training Completions

  • Oral Communication Training Modules

Module 1: Oral Communication Basics

Module 2: Active Listening

Module 3: Nonverbal Communication

Module 4: Telephone Handling Best Practices

Module 5: Handling Customer Complaints

  • Written Communication Training Modules

Module 1: Was That The Right Word?

Module 2: Using Punctuation Marks and Capital Letters

Module 3: How to Write Clearly

Module 4: Questions, Rules, and Tips for the Art of writing

Module 5: Writing Job File Notes

Module 6: Business E-mail Guidelines

Module 7: Social Media Awareness

Module 8: Writing Business Letters

  • Completed work center office Training Walk Through Videos
  • Completed Drybook Mobile Training
  • Completed an Exactimate Course

Lauren's Certification's from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)

man wearing black shirt

Justin Buhl

Production Manager

Justin joined the SERVPRO family in 2014. He has prior experience in construction work, re-modeling, and finishing. When he’s not leading our “On the Field Team”, He’s enjoying Hunting and fishing. He also loves football, His favorite team is The Baltimore Ravens. He also enjoys watching baseball, the Orioles is his favorite team.

Justin’s Certifications from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)
  • Mold (AMRT)
  • Drying Technician (ASD)

A lady in a tan shirt.

Angela Puig

Job File Coordinator

Angela is the Office Administrator at SERVPRO of Poolesville/Clarksburg/Damascus. She joined our team in 2020. Angela has an enthusiastic and optimistic personality. During her spare time, Angela enjoys hosting events at her home, playing board games, and reading a good book. Though Angela has experience with customer relations/service. She is happy to help and assist with any of your questions.

Female, early 30 years of age.

Ingrid Mejia

Business Development

Ingrid joined the SERVPRO family in 2018. She has prior experience in management. She enjoys spending time with her family, and she also loves to travel.

Ingrid's Certifications from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)


Terrance Bell

Crew Chief

Terrence joined the SERVPRO family in 2013. On Terrence’s free time he enjoys his family, martial arts (Aikido, Wing Chung), chess, and learning different languages. A fun fact about Terence is that he’s learning Arabic, Chinese/Mandarin, Hebrew, Sign language, and Spanish. He is currently fluent in three languages, they are Spanish, English, and Sign Language.

Terrence’s Certification’s from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)
  • Mold (AMRT)
  • Health and Safety (HST)


Jury Salgado

Crew Chief

Jury joined the SERVPRO Family in 2014. Prior to joining the team he was an Apprentice Plumber Assistant. On his off time he enjoys a good movie at home. He appreciates good food, and great outdoor weather.

Jury’s Certification’s from the IICRC:

  • Fire & Smoke (FSRT)
  • Odor (OCT)
  • Water (WRT)


Alex Urrutia

Crew Chief

Alex joined the SERVPRO family in 2015. On his time off, he enjoys watching soccer, basketball, football, and hockey.

Alex’s Certification’s from the IICRC:

  • Water (WRT)
  • Mold (AMRT)
  • Fire & Smoke (FSRT)
  • Odor (OCT)
  • Duct Cleaning Technician

Gentleman wearing an long sleeve black SERVPRO shirt

Edwin Ortiz

Field Technician

Edwin, has been a part of the staff for over a year and is a strong member of our production team. 

Away from work, Edwin, enjoys taking care of and spending time with his kid. He also likes to be outside playing basketball. 

Gentleman wearing an black SERVPRO sweater

Justice A. Gambila

Field Technician

Justice joined the SERVPRO family in 2019. He is a great part of our team. 

Away from SERVPRO, you can find Justice relaxing and listening to music.

A man wearing a black shirt

Salomon Cardoso Flores

Field Technician

Salomon joined the SERVPRO family in 2020. He is a great member of our team because he is willing to go above and beyond to assist our clients. Salomon supports an organization that focuses on helping and supporting families that have children with cancer. During his time off, Salomon enjoys exercising and reading a good book.

Man in a black shirt

Eric Valladares

Warehouse/Production Technician 

Eric joined our team in 2020. His optimism and willingness to learn have made Eric a great newer member of our team. Eric has two years of experience in the construction industry as a laborer. During his time off, Eric enjoys playing soccer, football, and volleyball. His favorite football team is the New York Giants. Eric is bilingual, he speaks both Spanish and English.